Founding Members: Richard Nichols, Gracen Lucas, Lamon Loggins, Harold Hoppers, James Osborne, Charles Joines, and Walter Lee hampton)


Post Office Box 986
Sparta, North Carolina 28675

    The Club was formed  in 1972  by a small group of Alleghany County Residents who began shooting inside an abandoned bowling alley in Sparta, North Carolina.  They started out shooting mostly rimfire pistols and then later rifles.  During the time that these shoots were held many of the shooters began calling themselves The Sparta Rifle And Pistol Association.  It was  approximately  one year before the members were able to locate and get a lease on the property that we currently have.  The members funded the construction of shooting benches and shelters and  fireplaces for a place to picnic by giving $30 dollars each.  Members  donated their time and equipment to clear the land to construct the range. The name was then changed to The Alleghany County Rifle Association and was many years later Incorporated as The Alleghany Rifle Association, Incoporated.  We are located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in one of North Carolina’s smallest counties (Alleghany), on 17 acres along the Little River, a major stocked trout stream near the town of Sparta, North Carolina.  We are a National Rifle Association Affiliated, Non Profit Organization and a Member of The Chamber of Commerce.

     The Club has always tried to help the community and its people.  Many local churches have used the range for baptizing.  The Boy Scouts have used it for camping, the local hospital used it for its yearly picnic and the local Sheriff’s Dept. and  Town Police Dept. use it for their yearly qualifying and practice.  The Alleghany High School Shooting Team uses the range to practice for their competitions.  The Club has held special events  to raise money for individuals who have had crippling accidents and we have made donations to the Local Heart Fund.  The Club has given scholarships to Alleghany High School Students in the past and now makes donations yearly  to  the High School Shooting Team to buy supplies.

     We now have a 50 yard (25 benches) and a 100 yard Range (10 benches) with covered benches and have Club matches twice a month.  During the cold winter weather we are set up to shoot 22 rimfire from a heated building with 10 benches out to 50 yards.  Our Club has held NBRSA Centerfire matches in the past and now have USRA-IR 50/50 and RBA (Rimfire Benchrest Association) matches thru the spring, summer and fall.  We have held the North Carolina Mid Atlantic Regionals for several years now.  We hold one annual members only match The Caudill / Smith Memorial Match as well as weekly 22 rimfire matches open to the public.  During the winter months we sometimes have Turkey shoots (shotgun card matches).  Once a year we have a Cook Out and Awards for the top 10 shooters of our yearly club matches. 

     We continue to provide a place for competitive shooting and to promote gun safety and the Shooting Sports to kids, the individual just getting started in shooting or the experienced shooter.

logo of Alleghany County Rifle Association

(Written by Billy Osborne with the help of information from founding members – Richard Nichols, Gracen Lucas, Lamon Loggins, Harold Hoppers, James Osborne, Walter Lee Hampton, Charles Joines)